Empowering athletes for menstruation management
Guidelines for athletes on nutrition during training
Removing the stigma around periods for coaches
Normalizing menstruation as a biological phenomenon

Understand the interplay of menstruation with your training journey.


What We Do

Simply Periods is committed to working towards inculcating a differentiated approach to female training & fitness protocols. We currently work with athletes, coaches & other stakeholders to generate awareness about the impact of menstruation & to share best practices for optimum results.

Explore articles, videos & other resources about menstruation

Learn from the experts about dealing with PMS symptoms

Reach out to us to organise menstruation workshops

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Simply Sport Foundation proudly facilitated a comprehensive sexual health education

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-26 at 11.00.54 AM (1)

TENVIC Sports Education Pvt Ltd, for a series of

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Simply Periods workshops at Future Star Sports Academy in Baripada,


We were humbled to get an opportunity to play a

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Our team has arrived in BVL Assam, where our first

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We're overjoyed to announce the triumph of our Simply Periods

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Charting New Horizons .The Simply Sport Foundation's Simply Periods Initiative

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Simply Sports Workshop at Lakshyan Academy, Bengaluru: Bridging Knowledge and

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Empowering Through Education: Simply Periods Workshop with PSM Coaches

#periods #workshop

Workshop Series: Cultivating Athletic Excellence in Patiala, India

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We hosted a total of four impactful workshops that left

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We are thrilled to share the success of our recent

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Simply Periods workshop: Empowering young female athletes in Bihar.

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Workshop for the Swimming High Performance center in Odisha.

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Workshops in Rourkela and Sundargarh and impacted 80 hockey athletes

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With an aim to spread awareness about menstruation in sports,

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On May 3rd and 4th, we had the pleasure of

Menstrual Cycle Matters (11)

Don't miss out on our masterclass with Dr. Nicky Keay

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A special masterclass was organised for 30 faculty members in

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5th and last successful workshop SAI Bangalore.

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Empowering young athletes through knowledge! We had a great time

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Congratulations to Aditi on receiving 'The Tarun Tejankit' award for

#SimplyPeriods #workshop #gkmad #sportmodule #yultimate

Y-ultimate - Menstruation and Sports performance workshop

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Training tips for young Badminton athletes.

#simplyperiods #workshop #saibangalore

Our fourth workshop Sai Bangalore

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Workshop on "Female Athletes: Menstrual Health and Sports Performance.

menstruation workshop

Menstruation and sports performance workshop

about SP initiative

Conducted a session for Padukone Sports Management beginners certification program


We recently concluded our workshop with the second cohort of

menstruation sports online

On the 27th January, we conducted our menstruation and sports

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With our ongoing series of workshops for the NIS coaching

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Simply Periods train the trainer program for the Brahmaputra Volleyball


Our initiative Simply Periods and the work we do through

period Power

On 6th January we conducted a workshop with athletes from

simply Periods Menstruation Workshop

In December 2022 we conducted our workshop with 64 athletes

Screenshot 2022-12-09 193353

We wrapped up a 2-day sports science workshop for the

Screenshot-2022-12-01-132745-pyihmyosoagd092o9prayqwugsmmte2r6amajld3nk (1)

Today, on the occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, we

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We are delighted to have partnered for Sports Science seminars

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Today, on the occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, we

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A session on Menstruation and Sport was held in Pune


Sports science sessions on sidelines of Khelo...

Simply periods breaks the stigma around menstruation. Educates Athletes, Parents & Coaches to help manage training & performance during periods

For Athletes

I feel so anxious when my periods begin! Learn easy methods to help you relax.
What is happening to me? Understand the science behind your menstrual periods.

For Parents

Am I feeding my daughter right? Learn which foods can help with period symptoms.
My daughter isn’t the same anymore! Teach her some easy ways to feel relaxed.

For Coaches

Uncomfortable talking to athletes about periods? Learn some golden rules to follow.

Periods 101!

Roughly once every month, the body of women within a certain age bracket (12-45 on average) prepares for potential pregnancy to occur by thickening the linings of the uterus. If the pregnancy does not occur, the same is expelled from the body along with some blood, which is what we term as menstrual periods.

It is normal to have periods occur with the gap between the last day of the previous cycle & the first day of the next cycle being not less than 21 days & not more than 35 days.

Some of the most common symptoms include: fatigue, cramps, bloating, sleep disturbances, anxiety, headaches, constipation etc. Please note that any of the above occurring to a mild extent is completely normal and can be managed with self care.

The most critical warning signs are: sudden irregularity in periods, a big difference of over 20 days between consecutive shortest & longest period cycles & periods being consistently longer than 7 days. In case you experience any of these, please make sure to consult a qualified medical professional immediately.

Progressive muscle relaxation, Breathing & centering and Self talk are effective techniques to control anxiety surrounding menstrual symptoms. You can explore & learn further about all of these in the Guidebook section through engaging videos.

Some specific foods if eaten before (nuts/beans/lentils), during (ginger/turmeric) and after (spinach/pumpkin/flax) periods can help alleviate the symptoms due to nutritional support. You can explore further regarding the same in the Guidebook section through engaging videos.

Use a normal calendar, or apps like Fitr, Flo or Wild AI to capture your data. Or you could reach out to the Simply Periods team and we can enable our tool customised for athletes and coaches. We can also provide you with a tutorial on how to use the tool through our workshop. Tracking of periods should not just include the start and end dates of your periods, but you should also record your symptoms, sleep patterns, hydration, training, and nutrition with it

The Simply Periods website is your one-stop-solution for everything relating to various techniques & best practices to help you manage your menstrual periods better, so as to maximise your training/performance without compromising on your long term wellbeing. You can explore our specially crafted Guidebook, learn from our Resources (videos, articles, papers), contact us to ask questions/share your own experiences, partner with us to organise workshops or simply keep checking our latest updates to hear from top athletes, coaches & experts.

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Kickstarting Change: The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and Women’s Health Revolution

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We discussed the importance of menstrual hygiene and choosing the right products for female athletes.

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An Athlete’s Battle With Endometriosis

We talk with Shruti about her journey with endometriosis and how she is finding her way back to fitness as an athlete.

50:47 min

Dr Emma Cowley

Understanding How FemaleSex-Gender Influences Participation in Sport

1:02:24 min

Simply Periods workshop: Empowering young female athletes in Bihar

85 female athletes from Patna, and districts of Sheikhpura and Vaishali in Bihar were guided through our Simply Periods workshop on September 13 at the Patliputra Sports Complex.

01 min

Menstrual Cycle Matters

‘Menstrual Cycle Matters - How to perform your best in activity, sport and dance’, a masterclass by Dr Nicky Keay.

1:21:11 min

Special Considerations to Train a Young Female athlete in India

We had a great live session with Dr Ruchira Tendolkar

1:01:08 min

Breaking barriers for Women in SPORTS (2)

Breaking Barriers for women in sport- A Simply Sport report

Published on Dec 2022


Nutritional interventions for athletic performance during menstruation

Published on Dec 2022


Effects of menstrual cycle phase on athletic performance

Published on Dec 2022


NCAA Division III Collegiate study on menstrual phase impact

Published on Dec 2022

AP (1)

A critical review of the effects of menstrual phases on elite athletes

Published on Dec 2022

Athletic Performance (1)

A study of the impact of menstrual cycles on athletic performance

Published on Dec 2022

Menstruation and Sport

Menstruation is not openly talked about topic in India

Our workshops give tools to athletes and coaches to navigate through the menstrual cycle in a way that enhances athlete performance

Normalizing and understanding menstruation as a biological phenomenon

Understanding the health repercussions of not understanding the body

Understanding the importance of period tracking

On Menstruation

For Athletes

To know more or to conduct this workshop for your organization, Please contact us!

Athlete workshop (1)

Conducted by

Trained facilitators


Online or offline based on requirements

Languages Used

Hindi, English, Kannada, and Marathi

Conducted by

Presentations, Pictures, Videos, Games

On Menstruation

For Coaches

To know more or to conduct this workshop for your organization, Please contact us!

Conducted by

Trained facilitators


Online or offline based on requirements

Languages Used

Hindi, English, Kannada, and Marathi

Conducted by

Presentations, Pictures, Videos, Games

Coach workshop (1)

Dr. Tejal Kanwar

Ankita Jain

Saifulla Nazar

Fiona Miranda

Neha Karve

Geetha Ghaliyavar

Deckline Leitão

Manal Bole

Nandita Joshi Paranjpe

At Simply Sport Foundation we promote sports as an effective tool for the development of the nation. We focus on policy research and grassroot development. Sports can be a huge enabler for millions of people in India and we want to play a role as a catalyst in making this happen.

Simply Period is an initiative started by Simply Sport Foundation.

Normalizing menstruation as a biological phenomenon

Empowering athletes for menstruation management

Removing the stigma around periods for coaches

Guidelines for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Our Vision

To start a conversation between athletes and coaches and break the taboo that exists.

Our aim is to empower athletes to understand their bodies better, lead a healthy lifestyle, and improve their performance, and to help coaches to play a critical role in helping their athletes to achieve this goal. We aim to reach 10,000 athletes and coaches in the next five years.


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