Dr. Fiona Dias Miranda has a Doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Dayton, Ohio, where she served as faculty as also later, at St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Her own kids and her teaching years at University led her to observe that addressing aspects of sexual education in young adolescents was equally important along with formal education. Seeing this lack of addressal, it inspired her to start her series of – Reproductive and Sexual Health Awareness since 2008 for adolescents (ages of 8–16 years), parents and teachers.

She serves as director, faculty and facilitator with the NGO Seeds of Awareness and Research Foundation – an organisation that does Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) with adolescents through experiential methodology thus enabling informed choices. 


Currently, Fiona is also a director with the NGO 17000 Ft Foundation which works towards

transforming lives in rural villages of Ladakh primarily via education. Her engagement involves fundraising for setting up libraries with reading programs, digilabs and infrastructure in the government schools of remote villages in the summers and imparts teacher training in the winters. She was also invited by the government to start the first ever teacher training program in Sex Education in Ladakh. She has also been associated with a number of NGOs in education and sexual health in multiple capacities including fundraising; Muktangan, Akanksha, CORO, SNEHA, in Mumbai and the Sunbird Trust in the NorthEast States of India to name a few.