Dr. Tejal Kanwar

With over 20 years in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr.Tejal specialises in endometriosis, PCOD, adolescent health,  and menopause. She recognized the urgent need for preventive care for teens /children, especially given the low priority for fitness in the education system. In 2017, she co-founded Kleinetics, a fitness program designed to fill the gap In essential physical literacy. Dr. Kanwar is now enhancing Kleinetics to make the widest possible impact, through game development, technology and the first academy for child fitness training specialists.With compliance rates greater than 90%, Kleinetics has already become the leader, with over 150,000 kid-hours of training imparted through in-person and digital group sessions.

Ankita Jain

Sports, Esports & Counselling Psychologist

Ankita is a multi-specialty Senior Psychologist with 15 years of diverse work experience handling multiple government & private entities in – clinical care, sports, hospitals and education domain. Her approach uses Performance & Sports Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT, Liaison Clinical Psychology, Child Guidance & Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Mentoring and Empowerment coaching.

Registered with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). Member of IACP, Sport Psychology Associations among others – she is passionate about building supportive communities around Mental Wellness and Empowered individuals. She currently consults to various sport houses, academies and clinical clients globally. Her work with sportspersons in performance enhancement and sporting excellence, includes athletes from – Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Pro Kabaddi, Athletics, Cricket and Esports gamers & content creators.

Saifulla Nazar

Saifulla is a strength and condition coach working in women’s football.He has done his Bachelors in sports and exercise sciences from SRIHER Chennai and is currently doing masters in strength and conditioning from Liverpool John Moores university. He has 5+ years of experience and currently is working as Strength and conditioning coach and researcher in Everton Football Club, in London.

Fiona Miranda

Dr. Fiona Dias Miranda has a Doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Dayton, Ohio, where she served as faculty as also later, at St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Her own kids and her teaching years at University led her to observe that addressing aspects of sexual education in young adolescents was equally important along with formal education. Seeing this lack of addressal, it inspired her to start her series of – Reproductive and Sexual Health Awareness since 2008 for adolescents (ages of 8–16 years), parents and teachers.

She serves as director, faculty and facilitator with the NGO Seeds of Awareness and Research Foundation – an organisation that does Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) with adolescents through experiential methodology thus enabling informed choices. 


Currently, Fiona is also a director with the NGO 17000 Ft Foundation which works towards

transforming lives in rural villages of Ladakh primarily via education. Her engagement involves fundraising for setting up libraries with reading programs, digilabs and infrastructure in the government schools of remote villages in the summers and imparts teacher training in the winters. She was also invited by the government to start the first ever teacher training program in Sex Education in Ladakh. She has also been associated with a number of NGOs in education and sexual health in multiple capacities including fundraising; Muktangan, Akanksha, CORO, SNEHA, in Mumbai and the Sunbird Trust in the NorthEast States of India to name a few.

Neha Karve

Dr. Neha Vipul Bothara



Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at FORTIS HIRANANDANI HOSPITAL, Vashi

Geetha Ghaliyavar

An acclaimed sports nutritionist, high-performance dietitian with PG diploma in sports Nutrition from International Olympic Committee, UK , registered dietitian, diabetes educator, IBS expert, lecturer, university first ranker, award winner, gold medallist with 20 years in Bangalore, India. Personally mentoring elite, state, national level, international athletes, Olympians, Paralympians by offering sports nutrition plans, holistic nutrition counselling based on latest scientific, research evidence. Currently works with eminent sports academies, educates athletes, coaches, parents regarding latest sports-nutrition practices. Is passionate about dietary practices to peak athletic performance.

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